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Copyright is a Travesty of Nature
Tuesday, September 27, 2005, 09:49
Resfest's Jason Wishnow assembled a group of copy fighters for a panel on Copyright issues in New Media. The panelists included Bryan Boyce (America's Biggest Dick), Larisa Mann aka DJ Ripley, DJ Kid Kameleon, Jonathan Marlow of GreenCine, Jason Schultz of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and myself, (Gregory Niemeyer from CNM). We all worked the same angle, namely, that New Media signifies the end of copyright as we know it, that corporations should be stopped from amassing copyright empires, and that copyright should be limited rather than expanded. Although the event took place across from a exhibit by Getty Images, nobody from that end of the spectrum stood up to explain their views. Perhaps they feel more comfortable with legal action than with public debate.

Joshua Kit Carson, in the audience, commented that copyright is already not enforcable, so perhaps the fight is not that severe, but another audience member, Maria Gonima of Tigerbeat fame, asked what risks are worth taking with copyright activism.

In my view, the panel recommended taking any and all risks, because the free production and exchange of culture is central to personal expression. Artists' efforts should be rewarded through direct compensation, rather than downstream copyright revenues. Corporations promoting artists perhaps play a less important role, now that artists can promote and distribute themselves through new media channels. Of course, when I came home and told my wife, Monica Lam, all about the panel, she, herself a filmmaker, disagreed and said she sees licensing as a crucial revenue stream. She made a strong point when she said that copyright precisely makes corporations value artistic production, for if it were not for copyright, corporations would be the most significant thiefs of intellectual property. Clearly, the panel should include her voice. I, for my part, feel we need to keep producing alternative methods of content production and distribution, and outpace the desire of corporations to copyright a maximum of our culture by generating more culture. {Greg Niemeyer}

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