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Kotodama are words which east Asian cultures believe to have a magical effect on the world. These effect range from stopping earthquakes to creating fires. These Kotodama (言霊 or ことだま pronounced Coe Toe Dah Mah) meaning the soul or power of language. Kotodama are sometimes referred to as "Power Words" and are believed to have great strength in effecting our environment, mind, body, and soul. These words are supposedly reached through enlightenment or when a Kami (God) grants a person the use of a Kotodama.

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09:07 AM art from japan + inflatable + installation + sound

To represent her sensation that spoken words are somewhat tactile and occupy a certain space, Japanese artist Hisako Kroiden Yamakawa created Kododama, an installation of interactive voice containers.

Objects made of polyester and rubber float in the exhibition space, their shape inspired by the voice bubbles of comics.

KOTODAMA001[1].gif KOTODAMA004[1].gif

When a visitors picks up a stethoscope and touches the voice bubble object, s/he can listen to messages which have previously been stored inside the bubble by others. To record a message into the bubble the user touches the nozzle of the voice bubble and speaks into the microphone integrated, while a small light indicates the recording process. The recording also triggers the voice bubble to inflate through integrated compressors and pump. But the bubble gradually deflates when users listen to the messages through the stetoscope.

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